About Us

Cignifi is revolutionizing the way financial service companies meet the needs of more than 1 billion people worldwide with a mobile phone but no access to formal financial services. The company has developed the first proven analytic platform to deliver credit and marketing scores for consumers using mobile phone behavior data.

Cignifi’s big data engine enables mobile network operators and their banking and insurance partners to identify qualified leads for savings, credit cards, insurance, personal loans and more from among tens of millions of pre-pay customers.

The Cignifi platform offers a complete and flexible solution. Using a common data infrastructure for capturing and processing billions of call data records, we deliver a secure, easy-to-deploy solution for any partner.

Cignifi’s technology, developed by a team of world-class behavioral mathematicians, employs data of mobile phone users to assess credit risk with as little as four weeks’ calling history required to perform analysis.

Cignifi is headquartered in Cambridge, MA with offices in São Paulo, Mexico City and Accra, Ghana.