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Control Your Default and Fraud Risk

Cignifi’s Behavioral Scores enable users to discriminate between “good” and “bad” customers who have little or no traditional credit history. The Scores can be used as inputs into a lender’s underwriting engine, making it possible to underwrite new customers while controlling default and fraud risk.


Cignifi’s scores are used by some of the world’s leading banks and credit rating agencies.

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Decrease in Customer Defaults

Proven Results, Proven ROI

Cignifi credit risk and fraud scores are derived using the most cutting edge machine learning algorithms utilizing dynamic behavioral data, including calling patterns, data transactions and internet usage.

Underlying mobile usage data updates continuously, so scores adapt to changes in risk profile without waiting for a payment event. Software tracks and “learns” from model performance for continuous improvement. 

Our solutions incorporate industry-leading data security features and are seamlessly scalable from several thousands to hundreds of millions data points.

Proven performance based on rigorous statistical testing in multiple deployments working across a variety of financial products.

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Generic Scores
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Credit Scores

Our Credit Scores estimate the overall creditworthiness of potential customers based on their calling patterns and other alternative data. 


Propensity Scores
Our Propensity Scores indicate the likelihood of a customers to accept a product offer or to act in accordance with a desired outcome.


Fraud Scores
Our Fraud Scores enable underwriters to validate customer identity, including home and work location.

Custom Scores

Cignifi can develop customized scoring models for specific products and datasets. These scores are proprietary to that particular customer.

The development process typically involves:

  • Developing a clear understanding of the desired business outcome

  • Validating the customer data sets and extraction/encryption process

  • Performance-testing the customized model prior to implementation using a statistically robust champion-challenger format.

  • Scores may be benchmarked against an existing process or against a random control group.

  • Once in production the software “learns” from subsequent performance for continuous improvement.

Increase in Customer Base & Revenue

  • Proprietary scoring algorithms and AI-based marketing automation consistently grows the customer base of our customer companies

  • Streamlined marketing operations result in significant savings in time and money

  • Highly accurate propensity and acceptance scores focus marketing and cross/up-selling on the most profitable customers

  • Increases revenue through customer retention and collections management

  • Customer Opt-In

    • Informed consent from end-users

  • Complete Identity Protection

    • No Personally Identifying Information 

    • Raw data never shared with third parties

  • Data File Encryption

    • HDFS data encrypted at rest 

    • Data in transit secured using SSL

  • Control and Audit

    • User access control and system audits

Industry-Leading Security & Privacy

  • Can be deployed to work with any existing client technology and systems architecture

  • Scalable to address target populations of a
    few thousand members to tens of millions
    of members


  • Supports cloud-based or on-premise deployments

Technology Agnostic and Scalable

Intuitive Reporting Portal 

  • Scores may be delivered in batch or on-demand, via API or web interface

  • Customizable dashboards for online monitoring of all business metrics related to credit scoring and marketing campaigns

  • Online campaign monitoring and reporting

See Our Credit Scoring Solutions in Action

Our Mobile Data Credit Scores have made a significant impact on the bottom lines of many Telcos and financial institutions around the globe. We would love to show you how our solution can do the same for you. 

Please request a live demonstration by completing the form below. We look forward to hearing from you. 

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