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Better Campaigns Equal Better Results

Cignifi’s Marketing Analytics Solution uses proprietary behavioral data models to help mobile network operators and their marketing partners improve marketing campaign success and increase revenue.


Our Marketing Analytics solutions customer decrease churn, increase  conversions, and drive new customer acquisition. 

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Increase in Sales Conversions

A Proven Set of Data-Driven Marketing Tools
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Prepaid to Postpaid Conversion

Increase ARPU by converting more prepaid customers to postpaid and reduce churn. Cignifi’s prepaid to postpaid conversion model predicts the likelihood of a prepaid customer to convert to a postpaid customer at the right time.

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Our models identify which marketing channels to utilize for specific products and the optimal time to deliver marketing messages.

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Grow your customer base by mining your data to identify high quality leads for potential new accounts. Our suite of customer acquisition models can be used to to target a variety of new customer segments.

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Cross Sell

Retain customers and increase loyalty by offering differentiated product line offers such as fixed lines, internet access, and cable.

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Optimize your upsell campaigns and increase revenue. Our models analyze each account to develop an optimal plan  recommendation that increases acceptance rates and maximizes customer value.

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Churn Reduction

Is your prepaid customer base experiencing an increase in dormant accounts? Our churn models identify the best promotional products to use to re-engage the dormant segment of your portfolio while still keeping your active customers happy.

Marketing Scores
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Credit Scores

Our Credit Scores estimate the overall creditworthiness of potential customers based on their calling patterns and other alternative data. 


Propensity Scores
Our Propensity Scores indicate the likelihood of a customers to accept a product offer or to act in accordance with a desired outcome.


Fraud Scores
Our Fraud Scores enable underwriters to validate customer identity, including home and work location.

An Unmatched Value Proposition
  • Proprietary scoring algorithms and AI-based marketing automation is proven to consistently increase your customer base

  • Streamlined marketing operations result in significant savings in time and money

  • Highly accurate propensity and acceptance scores allow you to focus marketing and cross/up-selling on the most profitable customers

  • Increased revenues through optimized churn and collections management

Increase in Customer Base & Revenue

  • Customer Opt-In

    • Informed consent from end-users

  • Complete Identity Protection

    • No Personally Identifiable Information 

    • Raw data never shared with third parties

  • Data File Encryption

    • HDFS data encrypted at rest 

    • Data in transit secured using SSL

  • Control and Audit

    • User access control and system audits

Industry-Leading Security & Privacy

  • Can be deployed to work with any existing client technology and systems architecture

  • Scalable to address target populations of a
    few thousand members to tens of millions


  • Supports cloud-based or on-premise deployments

Technology Agnostic and Scalable

One-Stop Shopping Marketing Solution

  • Combines the technical and functional needs of Marketing, IT, Data Management and Business Development into one easy-to-use online technology tool 

  • Create, change and manage complex marketing campaigns without the need for internal or external IT or Data Management resources

  • Online campaign monitoring and reporting

Proven Business Impact

Client Challenge

A large international MNO with operations in several emerging markets was experiencing significant churn and was looking for greater insights to understand its customer lifecycle and increase customer value. Existing internal marketing campaigns were not delivering the business results they wanted, and the MNO was losing market share.

Our Approach

Cignifi created a suite of behavior-based marketing data models across multiple categories such as Churn, Best Offer, Pre-to-Post Paid Conversion and Customer Lifetime Value in order to increase lift and drive customer value.

Significant Business Impact

Cignifi delivered an average of between 50-60% increase in lift vs. the traditional segment-based marketing approach that had been used previously by the MNO.

In one market, Cignifi data models provided a 70% increase in the sales conversion rate from contacted customers while decreasing non-payment by more than 50%. These powerful results were achieved by our proprietary behavioral scoring engine.

70 Increase.png

Increase in Conversions

56 Decrease.png

Decrease in Defaults

See Our Marketing Analytics Solutions in Action

Our Big Data Marketing Analytics solutions have helped companies across the globe optimize their marketing messages and micro target the right audiences.   

Please request a live demonstration by completing the form below. We look forward to hearing from you. 

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