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Customer Success

We are very proud of our success helping companies and their customers benefit from our credit analytics and behavioral scoring solutions. Below are some actual examples of the impact Cignifi's solutions have had on some of our client companies. 

Customer Lifecycle Management: Increasing Revenues from Pre-Pay Mobile Customers

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Client Challenge

A Mobile Network Operator with operations in several emerging markets was experiencing rising customer churn. It wanted better insights to understand its customer lifecycle and increase customer value. Existing marketing campaigns were not delivering the business results they expected, and the operator was losing market share.

Our Approach

Cignifi created a suite of marketing campaign models using behavioral insights into Churn, Best Offer, Payment Propensity and Lifetime Value in order to increase lift and drive customer value.

Significant Business Impact

Cignifi delivered a 50-60% lift vs. the traditional segment-based marketing approach that had been used previously by the MNO.

In the largest market, Cignifi achieved a 70% increase in the sales rate while decreasing defaults by 56%. These powerful results were achieved by our  proprietary behavioral scoring platform.

70 Increase.png

Increase in Conversions

56 Decrease.png

Decrease in Defaults

Risk Scoring: Creating Opportunity with Thin-File and No-Hit Customers

Client Challenge

A large retail store chain was experiencing difficulties growing revenues within their established customer segments. The retailer was looking for ways to increase approval rates for installment loans to customers who lacked established credit histories, but without increasing default risk.

Our Approach

Cignifi created scores for thin-file/no-file consumers using mobile device usage data. The scores provided a highly predictive and reliable complement to traditional credit scores.

On the Phone
72 Decrease.PNG

Significant Business Impact

Cignifi credit scoring using non-traditional data enabled the retailer to underwrite new customers customers who would otherwise have been denied credit.


Cignifi scores helped the retail partner reduce the default rate by more than 70%, with a significant impact on bottom-line profit.

Decrease in Defaults

Marketing ROI: Driving Adoption and Mobile Money Use

Mobile Money 2.PNG

Client Challenge

A major Mobile Network Operator was having trouble driving the adoption and usage of their mobile money services. It was looking for an innovative approach to increase market penetration.

Our Approach

Cignifi analyzed the calling patterns of 7 million prepaid subscribers. We found a significant relationship between mobile usage and the propensity to use mobile money. Cignifi data scientists identified a set of key variables that were highly predictive for identifying users likely to adopt mobile money. Using this insight, Cignifi helped the MNO create a targeted marketing campaign for mobile money products.

Significant Business Impact

Cignifi’s predictive analytics drastically improved business results by significantly increasing revenue while decreasing time, money, and effort spent on marketing to customers who are unlikely to respond.

90 Percent.PNG

Behavior-Based Customer Acquisition:

Credit Card Marketing

Client Challenge

One of Latin America's largest banks was having difficulty expanding its customer base credit cards. They were experiencing high new account acquisition costs due to poor response and activation rates.

Our Approach

Cignifi worked with the bank and a major mobile operator to develop a co-branded credit card marketing campaign to target qualified mobile customers.

Credit Card
56 Decrease.png

Decrease in Customer Acquisition Cost

Significant Business Impact

Cignifi’s customized marketing scores decreased the cost of new account acquisition by more than 50% while substantially increasing the approval and activation rates for net-new customers.


With Cignifi's predictive analytics, the bank was able to increase its marketing efficiency and reduce the overall default rate in its portfolio. 

See Our Analytics Solutions in Action

Our Mobile Data Credit Scores have made a significant impact on the bottom lines of many mobile operators and financial institutions around the globe. We would love to show you how our solutions can do the same for you. 

Please request a live demonstration by completing the form below. We look forward to hearing from you. 

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